Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Won't a wig be hot? Itchy? Uncomfortable?
A. No-you'll be surprised at how comfortable a wig is to wear. To ensure the most lightweight, comfortable feel, look for wigs that feature lightweight fiber and an open cap for greater air circulation and a cooler feel. Other features such as velvet bands provide much-needed comfort for sensitive scalps.

Q. Could a wig cause damage to my scalp, or slow my own natural hair growth during cancer treatment?
A. No, absolutely not. Wearing a wig will not harm your scalp or inhibit new growth. In fact, a wig will make you feel better and more confident about your appearance, while helping maintain body heat and preventing over-exposure of your sensitive skin during this time. Many women choose to wear their wig until their own hair has grown in enough to style and shape.

Q. Will my health insurance cover the cost of a wig for medical hair loss?
A. Your wig may be covered, in part or totally, by your health insurance. Contact your insurance company and ask if they cover "cranial prostheses" (wigs) required due to medical hair loss, how much they cover, and what documentation they require.

Q. Do I need more than one wig?
A. Most women find it convenient to have two wigs. That way, they can wash one while they wear the other, giving them the flexibility and reliability of always having one ready to wear at a moment's notice. You might like being able to alternate wigs to maintain their freshness and beauty. But that's an individual decision, and depends on how often you wear your wig.

Q. How often will I have to replace my wig?
A. For best results, if you wear your wig every day it should be replaced every 3 months. If you wear your wig less often - say, only once a week - then you will only need to replace it every 6 months.

Q. Will anyone know I'm wearing a wig?
A. Only if you tell them. Our wigs are incredibly natural looking. They come in a variety of custom-fit sizes and exclusive salon-inspired colors that would fool Mother Nature herself.

Q. Will my wig stay in place even when I'm active?
A. Absolutely. Adustable Velco® tabs let you customize the wig to your liking, and many styles come in a range of sizes.

Q. When choosing a color, do I have to match my own hair exactly?
A. Not at all. Go a bit lighter or darker. Sometimes just a subtle change can make a big difference.

Q. Can you offer me salon-quality results that I'd get from a salon?
A. You'll find cuts and colors as current as you'd get in the finest salon- without the high price or damage to your own hair.

Q. Can I find your wigs anywhere else?
A. No. Our line of high-quality wigs, partial-coverage hairpieces and add-ons is available exclusively through our catalog or on our website.

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