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Lasting Impression Lace Front Monofilament Wig by Gabor®
Mid-length wig texturized layers, a lace front, and a monofilament part.
Item # W6244
Paula's Price $257.55 - $262.55
GL23101 A $257.55
GL26 A $257.55
GL810 A $257.55
GL1012 A $257.55
GL1014 A $257.55
GL1125 A $257.55
GL1216 A $257.55
GL1422 A $257.55
GL1627 A $257.55
GL1526 A $257.55
GL2729 A $257.55
GL2931 A $257.55
GL33130 A $257.55
GL1416 A $257.55
GL1823 A $257.55
GL3032 A $257.55
GL1214 A $257.55
GL1416SS A $262.55
GL1422SS A $262.55
GL1526SS A $262.55
GL1627SS A $262.55
GL23101S A $262.55
This shoulder-length wig features a smooth, sweeping fringe and straight, texturizeded layers with shattered ends. This long, modern silhouette delivers a deconstructed shape with natural movement. Easy-care Kenakalon® Flexlite® synthetic fiber is extremely lightweight and gives the look and feel of natural human hair. The 1.5"- deep, temple-to-temple sheer lace front creates the illusion that hair is growing from your own scalp in a naturalistic, low density hairline and allows for off-the-face styling options. The 1.5"-wide monofilament part features a thin, breathable fabric with individually hand-tied fibers, which allow multidirectional styling--even a modern zigzag part on days when you want something different from the traditional straight part. Exclusive Personal Fit™ cap is specially made with resilient stretch material that self-adjusts to the wearer's head so perfectly that you'd think the it was custom made! Open ear tabs allow you to wear glasses through small openings in the wig and over the fibers for a natural look. Extended neck allows more coverage of the nape of the neck so you can easily tuck away any stray hairs underneath. Ultra-thin adjusters at the nape are the ultimate in customizing the fit. Length: 9" Front; 10.75" Crown; 8.5" Sides; 8.5" Back; 6.5" Nape. Weight: 3 oz.
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Paula's Price
$257.55 - $262.55
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