Customer Testimonals

“My daughter came for a visit and complimented me on my hair color and style…when your kids can’t tell it’s a wig, you know you look great!”
Beth Ann H., Wichita, KS

“My ‘come to the rescue’ Paula Young wig always lifts my spirit and my confidence.”
Margaret Z., Middletown, DE

“My hairdresser remarked he had been in the business all of his life and would never have guessed I was wearing a wig. That was quite a compliment!”
LaVerne B., Oklahoma City, OK

“On an out-of-town visit to a friend, she raved about my hair…cutest style I’d ever worn, did I show a picture to the beautician, etc. After four days of compliments, I finally told her it was a wig. Her expression was priceless!”
Karen F., Hickory Creek, TX

“As a small town restaurant waitress, I served the mayor’s very well-groomed mother. She complimented my beautiful hair and asked me what hair color I was using…she had no idea I was wearing a wig.”
Rita D., Weehawken, NJ

“A saleslady told me it was the best wig she had ever seen. I felt exhilarated and honored and now carry the Paula Young 1-800 number in my purse to share with countless other ladies.”
Joan G., Murrieta, CA

“I’ve been wearing your wigs for 15 years. People always tell me how great I look…I’m 88 years young!...and I think that’s because I always wear your wigs. Even when I exercise.”
Dorothy M., Washington, DC

“I tried my first hairpiece after our first son was born and I had no time to doll myself up and was feeling quite dull. In your Faye Curly Bun, people thought I’d just been to the salon! I began recovering my old happy self. By looking good outside it helped me regain my confidence inside. I have since bought several more that help me go from drab to chic in minutes! Thank you for making me feel so good inside and outside.”
Angelique S., Sherwood Park, AB

“Great pricing, wonderful colors and styles. Thank you for helping me feel like my old self again!”
Betty G., Lynn, MA

“I’m always ready for last-minute plans and know my hair will look great! Though those plans now have to include listening to lots of questions about whether my hair is naturally curly, where I get it done, etc.! Let me return the compliment to you, Paula!"
Dedicated Paula Young Customer

“Your hair is so pretty, is it naturally curly? Your hair looks just the way I’d like mine to look, where do you get it done? You’re kidding, that can’t be a wig!”
Lillian S., Verona, PA

“When I took part in a talent show, everyone was astounded at how good I looked as a blonde and how beautiful the wig was. Putting it on took all my inhibitions and anxiety from me…move over, Marilyn!”
Juliana V., Palmyra, NY

“I have worn Paula Young wigs for years and always say thank you when people complimented me on my beautiful hair…never mentioning it was a wig. But I do want to mention to you how grateful I am!”
Linda W., Lewisville, TX

"At my 50th class reunion everyone complimented me on my hair and kept telling me how beautiful it was. But maybe I shouldn’t admit it was my 50th!”
Roberta C., Robbins, NC

“No matter where I go, people come up to me and tell me how beautiful my hair looks when I wear my Color Me Beautiful wig. I may be 70 years old, but my husband still gets so darn jealous…Your wigs are fantastic!”
Joan R., Sarasota, FL

“A beautician asked me what beauty shop shampooed and set my hair. I told her it was a lightweight synthetic wig from Paula Young. She was astonished, felt the wig and said it felt real. You make a real difference for me!”
Karen H., Cedar Hill, TX

“I have so many different styles and get so many compliments on how I look like I just stepped out of a beauty salon. I may be a senior, but every time I wear one of your wigs, my husband tells me I could be Mrs. America.”
Dedicated Paula Young Customer

“Yours are the only ones I would order because they look natural, not like you are wearing a wig…love ‘em!”
Marjorie, D., Mesa, AZ

“I am starting a new life, a life that could only happen because of Paula Young. I have a human hair wig…people look at me and say I look great. Thank you for making me feel like a beautiful woman again.”
Heather N., Plover, WI

“My daughter and her friend were flabbergasted that it was not my real hair. I was able to match the color of my wig to my own natural gray. Everyone reacts the same way and I thank you, Paula Young!”
Vonda H., Culman, AL

“I have been an avid customer of Paula Young wigs for years. They have given me the confidence I needed to be in the public eye again and I have gotten numerous compliments about how beautiful my hair is. I have even had hairdressers comment on the style and fullness. I am thrilled about how your wigs have changed my life!”
Eileen H., Ft. Myers, FL

“Often I am complimented on my beautiful hair style and color. When I own up to wearing a Paula Young wig, their jaws usually drop. Each day I go out and about I am so grateful to Paula Young that I can do so in a very classy way.”
Shirley M., Monrovia, CA

“Your wigs look so real, people say 'no way, that’s not a wig”.
Vicki L., Woolley, WA

“I worried about finding a wig that would fit my personality, as well as look good. I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt when people said they liked my new hairstyle and how healthy and shiny my hair looked".
Diana F., Lampasas, TX

“I have lots of Paula Young wigs…they are the best, the most natural looking I have found. I especially love the blonde shades. At a dance last Friday, a man said he’d been sitting and waiting just to see what I would look like that night!”
Patricia B., Kilgore, TX

“When my husband and I took business clients out to dinner, recently, they complimented my beautiful head of hair and said I looked so glamorous, like a movie star, and couldn’t believe it was a wig. I felt glamorous, too.”
Myra S., Climax, GA

“As community columnist for a local paper, I usually work from home. When I came in for a staff meeting, I got so many ooohs and aaaahs about my new hair style. They couldn’t believe it was a wig.”
Jean O., Climax, GA

“Seniors rock and, at age 65, I am one of them! Not a day goes by when somebody doesn’t compliment me at the hospital, where I volunteer. I just swish, shake, dry and wear. I love the attention I get wearing my Elizabeth wig and won’t leave home without wearing it.”
Georgia S., St. George, UT

“People don’t believe I’m wearing a wig. Someone is always asking me where I get my hair done…tee hee. They say I look terrific for 76. I say, no face lift, no work done, just good genes, good health…and Paula Young.”
Yvonne H., Palo Alto, CA

“I was at my daughter’s outdoor graduation in the rain for two hours with no umbrella. But my Paula Young wig held its style. Another parent even complimented me on how great it looked. Thank you for making a special day even better.”
Nella G., Staten Island, NY

“When I attended my 50-year class reunion, everyone raved about how youthful I looked and my lovely hair style…even an old boyfriend who had dumped me for another girl! If they only knew it was due to my beautiful wig.”
Pat J., Pampa, TX

“When I had a bad hair day, I wore my Paula Young wig to a business meeting. So many of my associates complimented me on how beautiful my new hairstyle was. Thanks to Paula, I felt wonderful all day.”
Nancy P., Larksville, PA

“A lady came up to me shopping and complimented me on my full, beautiful head of hair. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it wasn’t my real hair. But it was a real smile she…and Paula…put on my face all day!”
Linda B., Franklin, KY

“After Paula Young, all my dreams have come true. I now have glamour and confidence…and have even become a cheerleader!”
Sharilyn B., Simpsonville, NC

“I can blend my new growth in with my Wispy Waves hairpiece for a very natural look. It’s also a quick fix on bad hair days. This is a wonderful way to make the transition of going gray after years of hair coloring.”
Tana T., Prescott Valley, AZ

“My husband told me he’s never seen me look so young and glamorous. I have Paula Young to thank for my self confidence and the many compliments I receive every day. Thank you Paula!"
Dedicated Paula Young Customer