Paula's Pointers

January. A new year...a new you!
Create a new you with a new 'do! Try out current hair styles without the commitment by getting a wig. Go for a sleek, sexy look with a modern bob style, or go long and luxurious. The choice is yours. Finally, a New Year's resolution that's easy to keep!

February.Romance is in the air.
Surprise your valentine with a brand-new look by trying a lace front wig! The virtually sheer lace (about 1.5" long) creates a natural-growth, low-density hairline that allows for versatility with off-the-face parting at the hairline. All your valentine has to do is bring the roses and chocolate.

March.Think outside the box
Many women like to wear their wig right out of the box, but why not create a fun, flirty, more customized look by adding a headband, scarf or hair accessory? Just because you're wearing a wig, doesn't mean you have to wear it the same way all the time. Spice things up a bit!

April. April showers bring...frizzy hair
Humidity can do a number on your hair, and human hair wigs are no different than your natural hair, so be sure to apply wig hair spray for a firmer hold. Looking to avoid the frizz altogether? A synthetic wig may be the right choice for you.

May. Celebrate M.O.M.
Celebrate your Mom and our M.O.M. - Month of Monofilament- this May! Now, we all know why Mothers are so graet, but what makes a monofilament wig style great? It's simple: The wig fibers are hand-tied to a fine, poly-silk mesh, or monofilament base. This thin, breathable fabric allows skin color to show through for a natural-looking part. Versatile, hand-tied fibers can be combed in any direction you desire.

June. Always have a spare
You have a spare tire in your car, so why not keep a spare wig at home? With an extra wig handy, you'll always have something to wear when you are washing your wig or if anything should happen to one. Best of all, rotating between wigs also helps to extend its life. (NOTE: The typical life of a wig worn daily is 3 months.)

July. Stay cool
The heat of summer is upon us, so stay cool and comfortable by trying a WhisperLite® wig today. Our revolutionary WhisperLite® fiber is softer, finer and half the width of a traditional wig fiber. This results in an exceptionally light, more natural-looking wig. It's a win-win!

August. Customize your cut
Love your wig, but want to make it your own? Take it to your hairstylist to shape it up or have bangs trimmed or cut. A custom style can make a huge difference in how your wig looks and how you feel wearing it. Make it all yours!

September. Weathering the wind
Fall brings crisp air, colorful leaves and wind...lots of wind. So the question is: Should you worry about your wig flying off in the whipping winds? Absolutely not! As long as your wig fits properly, it will always stay put. Want a little extra security? Check out our Deluxe Comfy Grip.

October. Ghoulish & gratifying glam
Get into the spirit of Halloween with a fabulous costume wig. Glam it up with long black tresses or go short and bold with a bright new color...maybe even orange. But wait, you could always raise awareness and show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness by donning a hot pink wig. Remember, you're never too old to have fun or support a great cause!

November. If you can't stand the heat...
When you're cooking up that succulent turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, please remember the ever-important wig rule of thumb: NEVER open the oven while wearing a wig. The burst of heat is certain to ruin your wig...and your day. Even the hot steam from a boiling pot of water can cause irreparable damage, so please keep your wig out of the kitchen.

December. Debunking common wig myths
Myth: "Wigs are hot and uncomfortable."
Truth: Today's wigs are designed to be lighter, cooler and more comfortable.

Myth: "Everyone will know I'm wearing a wig."
Truth: Choose a wig close to your current hairstyle and even your best friend will ask who cut/colored your hair.